Saturday, April 14, 2007

DI Regionals!

I have been working with 7 kids since January on something called Destination Imagination. Our group choose to do DI: CSI (crime scene investigation and color, shadow and illumination) They chose to do a CSI type who done it in Ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh's cats got stolen and they had to figure out who did. They did a great job!! Sadly their gadget that would help illuminate clues didn't work but they worked through it and did a great great job. I was so proud and I think that the baby knew what was going on because he kicked me whenever they were finished and it had been a great job. After their performance!!

They also had to do something called an instant challenge. Basically you are given information, time to think about the project and then you have to work together to solve the challenge before the time is up. I can't tell you what the challenge was but they were so good at it!! It was the best that I had ever seen them working together and sharing and cooperating together to get something done!! Afterwards they were allowed to do a TADA and so I have pictures of that but not of the instant challenge. They were running off adrenaline!! It was fun to watch them and cheer them on.


We placed 3rd!! Which was great.....I am very proud of my team and glad that we were able to have some fun.

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