Monday, March 12, 2007

WMF ladies Service ~ March 11, 2007

John and a bunch of his confirmation kids went down to I Point for the weekend and John wasn't there to the ladies did the service...the theme of the service and skits and everything was HEAVEN. We did a skit all about never knowing when the Angel of Death is gonna coming knocking on your door so you need to be ready. It was a good message. After the service we had a taco potato dinner which was really yummy! (I wish that I had two potatoes)


  1. It is so wonderful for me to see pictures of the Zion ladies and all that goes on there. I really miss Cooperstown, I always have! I am sooo glad to know that you two are there. We will have to come visit you sometime when we come back to the states! Great pictures, keep it up! Christine

  2. What a great idea for a Sunday morning! It looks like you must've put a lot of effort into the morning!

  3. Nope....I had no involvement just asked to play an extra in the skit!! Thankfully I got to go to heaven! (The WMF ladies did all the work and were amazing!!)


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