Tuesday, March 13, 2007

John brought home a guest! :-)

John came back from I Point, he stopped at his parents to pick up Sammy!! :-) She was so funny and playful....however she likes to run away!! Grrr....very frustrating! But she's cute when she is cuddly and is REALLY funny when she is scared.....she is terrified of cast iron pigs!! Likes to bark and bark at it. :-) HEHE!!


  1. What a fun guest! She looks very cute and cuddly. I'm curious -why do you have a cast iron pig? Just wondering!

  2. Great Photos. I particularly like the on on the couch with the dog. I'd like to see more John. Definitely one of him in the pulpit.

  3. Maybe she keeps running away because you keep teasing her with the cast iron pig... :o)

  4. Nah we didn't do that until after she ran away as a punishment! We are all for unusual punishment! :-)


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