Sunday, March 4, 2007


So we were bombarded with snow!! It was absolutely crazy....last week I got to work 3 days but the school was closed 2 days, 2 early closing and one full day. Parents were so thankful when the school was opened!! :-)

This is what John likes to do to innocent VICTIMS.....once they put down their cameras he likes to call out and make sure that he SHOVELS snow on their heads!! Let me tell you snow is really cold and we had a lot of snow on the roof...I had snow up to my knees (okay so some of that was from the snow on the ground too!) A word from the now careful of people on the roof with snow! :-)

P.S. Shoveling snow hurts the back! :-)

P.P.S. We were very lucky to have very willing people from our church shovel out the church so that we (John didn't have to!) We have an awesome CONGREGATION!!

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