Saturday, March 31, 2007

HIT weekend! :-)

Cooperstown had 2 teams going down to Fergus for HIT's so we decided that we would join them to watch the games, Cooperstown and then a lot of our friends! :-)
The Junior High team did really well! I have a couple of pictures of their game. They had a great time playing together and being able to shoot baskets at a fun tournament.

The other Cooperstown team had fun too! :-) We went to a couple of their games but didn't stay for long because John wanted to see his cousin play basketball too.

We got to go out to eat with John's Mom, Ingrid and Kale. Plus his Uncle David, Aunt Joanne and John's Cousin and wife plus kids! :-) It was fun and I got a bunch of cute shots of the kids! Ingrid just knows to pose for me! :-) hehe!


  1. John's cousin stinks at basketball.

  2. Yup I know....I just didn't want to say anything about that to loudly!! :-) However it was fun seeing them.

  3. We miss getting to go to HITs. Glad you had fun!

  4. So glad you could come for HIT's, but I sure wish I could've seen you for longer than 5 minutes! I hadn't planned on being at work for 19 HOURS the day/night before HIT's, but it sure will be nice when the paycheck comes! Any guess when you'll be in Fergus next? It seems like my weekends are slipping away, but maybe we could even plan a day in Fargo sometime soon???


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