Monday, February 4, 2013

Trying to get back into the swing of Family Adventures

We went for a hike today.  I discovered that I am horribly out of shape and I need to figure how to get back into my walking shape. Before we moved to our new apartment I was walking everywhere and was feeling strong and really healthy. I guess I will have to figure out something that gets me out.  I know that we will need to go hiking more as a family because getting into nature and seeing all the various aspects of Taiwan is very relaxing and a great way to unwind and spend time as a family. 
The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom and it is absolutely gorgeous! 
We had lots of fun walking around the mountain.  I had lots of pictures that I had taken but I'm not sure where they all went....I had them on my computer and now like half of them are gone! Bummer!


  1. You've got Cherry Blossoms and we have 2 feet of snow!!

    Do they speak English to you? I had a heck of a time in Norway last year trying to pay for things, I never got a hold of figuring out the money but once they knew I didn't speak Norwegian they were very helpful to me.

    1. Because we work with a English church and have cultivated some English friends...we live in more of an English world then probably more people. However in general most of the people we see in Taiwan or see in the street don't speak English. For work it's 90% English (we work within a Chinese church) but daily life when we aren't getting together with fellow English speakers I would say that 35% of the people would speak English to us. We have a lot of people who are curious about us and want to speak Chinese to us and sometimes we understand but most of the time we are clueless. Thankfully God has given us patience even though we are clueless about what's going on.


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