Thursday, February 21, 2013

A surprise trip to the states

 My aunt contacted me on Tuesday (her morning and my night) to see if I would be able to fly home for my grandma's 85th birthday.  John and I talked and we weren't exactly sure because our ARC (alien registration cards) were going to expire while I was going to be in the states if I went.  So we just wanted to make sure that we could travel.   So on Wednesday morning we went to the immigration and told them we had to travel home and they just gave us a stamp and told us to come back to pick up our ARC when we got back.  So I called my aunt (first time I had ever called my phone overseas) to tell them she could book my ticket.  We waited and had company over and I checked my iPad to see what was going on periodically and see what was going to happen.  Found out at 5:30 pm that I was flying out at 9:30 am that next morning so we frantically got our meal ready and I started to pack and write everything down that I had to remember for Little N's school.  Got everything packed and we started the journey (Little H and I).
We've started our journey at 9:30 am with three plane rides and arrived in CT at 4:30 pm on Thursday. It's probably strangest feeling when you fly for 24 hours and you are only 7 hours from when you left.  
No one knew that we were flying in except for my aunts.  They came into the airport and picked me and Little H up.  It was so nice to everyone but I had butterflies in my stomach at everyone's reaction.  We got to my grandma's house and she wouldn't look to see who was at the door.  When she finally realized that it was me and she was so surprised and excited.  The next person who saw me was my sister and my brother-in-law.  They greeted everyone glanced over us and then went back to look at us and was so surprised.  I was so excited to see my sister with her cute little pregnant belly.  Then my mom came and did the same thing as my sister.  Once she realized that it was Little H and I here she had tears in her eyes.  We had a wonderful time surprising family and just being together.  I loved seeing my baby nephew and it was fun watching Little H and Little Wy sit together and give each other kisses.
I can't believe how big this guys has gotten since I saw him last!  He is such a sweetie! 

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