Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Errand Day

Living overseas there are always things that you miss from the states.  Going to Michaels, JoAnne's house of Fabric, Target, etc are just a few places I wanted to go to while I was home.  I wanted to get most of the things that John wanted me to pick up soon while I was home so I wouldn't have to worry about picking it up later on during the end of my time in the states because the end seems to pick up with frantic gatherings and you just forget things.  I drove with mom to work and then took her car to go shopping.  My mom has a fancy car that doesn't need a car key in the ignition however in order to start it you need to have the key in the car with you.  Well after dropping her off to work...I made it all the way to Cabella's and parked the car before I realized that I didn't have a key and once I left the car it was going to lock and I wouldn't be able to get in the car or drive it.  I was stuck!  Thankfully I borrowed my mom's car and so we talked and she told me she would bring the keys to me.  So I did my shopping and then she met me and gave me the keys.  Checked out and went on with the rest of my errands.  Then while it was lunch time we met up at Moe's (one of those restaurants that when I'm back in the states I like to go to it.) and had lunch.  Little H was very happy to see her grandma and have lunch at Moe's.  So thankful that my mom let me run errands with her car.  Made for a fun day. 

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