Sunday, January 27, 2013

Victory English Fellowship - Sharing our talents

We are very lucky to have a variety of very talented people at Victory English Fellowship to help lead is worship songs.  We are trying to figure ways for more people to be involved in the worship hour.  This past week one of the parents asked John if their daughter would be able to share her talent of playing the piano with the church for God. It was pretty amazing and completely humbled me.  This little girl is the same age as Little N and completely blew me away with how composed she was as she played the piano in front of everyone.  The most amazing thing was that her mom asked her to play on another day and she refused, because she was to scared and just didn't feel like she could do a good job.  But then her mom asked her another day if she would be willing to play the piano for God and surprisingly the daughter said yes. After the  little girl finished playing the piano I am pretty sure that there were tears in most of the eyes because she did a beautiful job and it was all to honor and worship God.  I pray that we all have the desire to worship God with our talents, whatever they may be, like that little girl. 

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