Thursday, January 17, 2013

Little N's recycling art show

This week is the last week of the semester for Little N.  This semester the older classes have been learning about recycling - saving water, recycling, using the energy saving lights & electronics & water conservation.  I know that they have learned a bunch of stuff because Little N gets excited when he see certain symbols on plastic bottles, light bulbs & toilets. They have been getting ready with all the recycled art that they made this semester by having an art show - displaying their art work, having zones for the parents, family & friends to do different things and just being proud of everything they did this semester.  Little N's job for the art show was to be the greeter.  When people come into a store the staff have a special phrase that they say -- when I first came to Taiwan I thought they were telling me Hi Good morning then I discover nope - they are just saying a basic welcome to the store.  It was super cute listening to Little N say his little greeting and handing to people their "map".  I was very proud of Little N and his whole class for all the work that they did.  They did a great job.
 Pic 1 - Little H with her "fur" coat. Pic 2 - Little N and his other greeter greeting people to the art show Pic 3 - Little N with his art piece ( a turtle) and Pic 4 - The principal of the school cutting the rope to welcome everyone to the art show.
The kids had activities to do - recycled bowling, recycled fishing, painting seashells (the one little boy - Little N's friend wouldn't let us paint stuff by ourselves he had to help us so Little M painted his seashell purple for 5 seconds and then Little N's friend took over as Little M looked on.) The kids made hot air balloons (Little N's is the one wrapped in purple tape and he also made a craft out of old cds.   After that there was a bring your own dish lunch.  Which was basically organized chaos (if you can call it that).....there were A LOT of people.

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