Friday, January 18, 2013

Shallow Depth of Field

So my goal for this year is to improve in my photography.  I am doing that in many different ways - reading books, articles and being a part of a couple forums.  I would love to take a couple of classes but I don't see that happening this year.  Two things that I will be doing is a themed photo every week for the year and I am doing a monthly photo theme with some ladies from Clickin Mom's.  So I'm hoping to get out of my shell and see more improvement with my photography this year.

This weeks theme was all about a Shallow Depth of Field which is all about taking pictures with a very narrow focus.  I tried taking pictures of the seashells that we painted yesterday at Little N's art show but unfortunately as I was taking the pictures a fuse was blown in the classroom and all my pictures turned out horribly blurry! :-(  So today as I was picking up Little N from school there are these beautiful trees by the parking lot and my goal was to get a blurry (bokeh) background and a blury (bokeh) foreground.  I did succeed but just not as perfectly as I thought it would be. It's a growing and learning experience.


  1. What did you set your camera on? I just got a new Nikon D7000 and bought a book from Amazon on how to use it, the book is HUGE, I try to read some every night but it's so much to comprehend. You can see some of my pictures on my blog that I took the last couple of days. I also have a Nikon D80, that is a great camera too but this one is much faster and has way more gadgets to figure out. I wanted a new lens and ended up with a camera, It should be good for my son this spring racing motorcross. Looking forward to seeing more of your pictures! If you are not sure who I am------Krissy Anderson EH, CT!

    1. Hi Krissy -
      I use a Canon 7D and shot with my 24-70 mm. I shot at F 2.8, SS 1/400 and ISO 100. I should have gone up a little bit on my F stop probably to a 4 or 5. It's a learning experience. Some of the books I've read that helped me was the Scott Kelly books. Just play with your camera and eventually you will see improvement. I know that my goal for this year is to see some improvement on my pictures. I guess it will happen. I've had a DSLR 7 years now and am seeing improvements every year. Just not as a fast I would like. Good luck! :-)


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