Tuesday, November 6, 2012

English Playgroup - Big City ball pit

The kids and I met a friend at Big City (the newest ball which is a 15 minute walk from my house) to let the kids play in the ball pit.   They had a blast playing but I am reminded again and again that I am a foreigner and that I just don't understand how Taiwanese parents and grandparents think all the time.  We were playing just fine when this family of three kids, the mom and the grandma came in.  My friend's son started playing with the three kids and was playing monsters...going up to the kids and being a monster (no hitting, spitting, nothing), well the kids went to their grandma and mom and they started scolding the my friend's son. So my friend pulled her son away and then he played with Little M.  Then the little kids went up to my friend's son and played with him and again the grandma and mom scolded my friend's son.  It was like they owned the ball pit and we couldn't play anywhere.  I was getting very frustrated and wanted to say something to the ladies because their kids were antagonizing my friend's son. (My friend's son was in tears because his mom had to hold him down to prevent him from playing and all he wanted to do was play.)  Then they started getting on my case because Little M was getting to close to their kids.  I just told little M to play by me and keep away from them.  It's these moments that make my two boys afraid to talk to the Chinese adults and play with the Chinese kids. (These moments don't happen very often...we are given usually lots of grace because are different then everyone else but when they happen they throw you for a loop and the momma bear comes out and has no place to go because of the language and culture barrier) Thankfully the mom, grandma and kids left and we could finish our morning of playing in the balls on a high note.
Little R just loves little babies.  She is such a good little friend to Little H. 
 Staying close to mommy playing with the balls! 

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