Wednesday, November 28, 2012

25 Days of Advent - Scripture Verses

The other day on Facebook I read about how Costco had Advent Calendars and I was all excited.  When I got to Costco I discovered that while it was an Advent calendar the focus was on getting a piece of candy for each day.  So I am in the process of making an Advent Calendar that I can use year after year.  Each day there will be a different activity for the kids and I to do together as a family, which will be another blog post. While I started thinking about everything you can do for the Advent calendar and realized that those things are all fun but what I really want is to focus on Scripture.

What I really wanted to do was have a family time where we counted down the time to Christmas reading Scripture.  My kids are rather young and what I found online never really worked for them so I created my own thing.  25 days of scripture verse taken from both the Old Testament and the New Testament getting our hearts ready for the birth of Jesus.  Click on the 25 Days of Scripture Verse getting ready for Christmas. Enjoy the 25 verses I hope that they will help you get ready for this Christmas Season. I cut out each verse and made a little paper chain so that my boys can cut the verses and we can read it every day. I can't wait for December 1st to start.

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  1. Looks wonderful, Caristy. You will all enjoy it!


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