Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little N's Bug Play

At school this semester or month they have been working on a bug theme.  They have looked at bugs and observed bugs.  They've also been making props and their own costumes and then created their own plays to perform in front of others about bugs.  There were 5 plays and each of them had different bugs.  Little N's was first and he was a lady bug and they had to escape from another bug.  I'm not sure everything and couldn't figure it all out.  The thing I was most impressed was that Little N got up on stage, danced around and performed and then said his part in Chinese.  The thing that most impressed me was that he knew his part in Chinese.  He's been going to this school since February so for 4 months and I know that he has some understand of Chinese and that he is learning Chinese because he is playing more and more with the different sounds and tones that occur in Chinese at home.  However I was impressed that he knew his part. He had his classmates whispering his lines but he kind of brushed them aside and said his lines and then continued to play his part!  He did a great job and I'm so thankful for the school that he's attending and his teachers.  His teachers are very patient and have been wonderful to us.  I wish that he could have the same teachers next year but I guess that will just depend on what happens within the school.  I am so proud of Little N.  I have video just have to figure out how to get off the video camera and then formatted and online!  
 My little ladybug!
 Saying his part!
 His teachers

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