Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Adventure - A walk to Big City

There is a new mall that opened up right by our new apartment and we went there by car and pretty much decided that if we can help it we will never drive and try to park there is so busy over in that area that it's just not worth trying to drive in the traffic and then to find a parking spot.  So on Saturday I walked over there with the kids (again not something I will do every again either -- don't go to the mall on a weekend!) But we decided to take a walk over to the Big City (name of the mall) with John.  We wanted to see what was on the 8th floor of the mall and just see what was around.  Walking from our house to the mall is a park which of course we needed to stop by and make sure that it was fun to play on and then once we got to the mall we had to go to the 8th floor and because it was the games area (basically is a bowling alley, batting cages, golf swing practice area, & a adult/kid version of Chuck E. Cheese minus the food.).  So of course we had to play the games.  The kids were interested in watching the people bowling but really enjoyed playing the games -- whack a mole, air hockey (so funny to watch them play) and other games.  It was frustrating for John to watch because the kids wanted to do it their way and not the way the games is supposed to be played -- for example the boys thought it was great when the puck when into the hole so they wouldn't guard the hole and would cheer when it went in the hole.  But we had fun!!

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