Sunday, May 13, 2012

A busy Sunday

Happy Mother's Day everyone!
     Sundays always feel so busy, rushing to get ready, get to church on time, keeping kids quiet and then getting them to go to Sunday School, mixed in with Little H wanting to eat and getting a cuddle in.  Today was more (but in a fun and exciting way) so because we got to pick up my Uncle who was visiting to see some of the missionaries in Taiwan.  Little N was very excited to see Uncle Matt and proceeded to tell him everything about his life.  Little M was excited but just wasn't able to get the words out to have anyone understand him.  I was also more than a little concerned about getting to church because I needed to get Little M to a bathroom (attempting to potty train -- first full day -- more on that later!).
     The Toddler Sunday School class was asked to come up to the front to sing and do the motions for This Little Light of Mine.  They were so cute just sitting there and some trying to do the motions and others not. John did a Children's sermon and Little M just laid underneath his daddy's legs content just to be near him during church which is a rare moment.
      At VEF there are SO many young children -- babies, toddlers, elementary age, junior high/high school, who we also need to involve during church.  I've come to the realization, which I realized when we sang Jesus Loves Me during the worship time after Little N's eyes lite and he told me, "Hey I know this song!  Hey church is for me too!" We need to be actively trying to figure out how we can involve our kids in our worship time on Sunday morning (or whenever you meet for worship) because we are raising up the next generation of Christians and if we don't include them now, how will they know that Christianity is for them also?  We can make sure that there is Sunday School programs available but if there isn't something for them during the worship hour how are we drawing them in?
      I've heard people complain about adding Children's song or questioning why it would be necessary for children's songs during worship time.  Singing songs whether they are hymns, praise songs or children's praise songs during a church service is all the same you just have the ability to touch different people in different ways.  If you involve people in your worship time you are making Christianity real to them and giving them the tools to share with others.  Right now my son is singing songs both in English and in Mandarin praising God all because they are fun, simple to understand and he is being a witness to his teachers and classmates.
    I'm SO sorry for this long (probably) run on sentences and thoughts but it's on my heart and in my mind.  
   After church we enjoyed a quiet afternoon just catching up with Uncle Matt.  I don't have the best pictures but I'll share what I have! Thanks Uncle Matt for spending time with us!  We loved visiting with you and chatting.
 Enjoying the playground at the flower market! 

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