Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little M is 6 months

My sweet baby M is now 6 months old.  Where does the time go?  How did he get to be so big! He goes in for a check up on the I'll find out what his stats are.  This I already know.  Little M is just so much more different than Little N was.  Little M is just a chill baby - goes to anyone really, great at giving smiles, is SO not a pacifer kid (at times I wish he were) and is SO much bigger than Little N was at this age.  Little N was wear 3 to 6 month clothes during this time (basically until May) and the was into 6-9 month clothes until probably Novemeber.  Little M is wearing 6 to 9 month clothes now and who knows if he will fit the summer clothes that Little N wore during the summer.  It's just so funny!! I did not take any 6 month pictures on the day because Little M was sick.....stuffy nose, gunky eyes, fever!  It was SO sad!  The good thing about him being sick was he transitioned from waking up every 3 hours to going to bed around 10 pm & waking up at 6 am to eat and then waking up at 9 am.  It's wonderful!!

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  1. Love this one, too...he is sooo cute...I might be a little biased...grandma O.


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