Friday, March 12, 2010

All about Little N

Today was a special day for Little N.  First he read a book....then daddy came home with a package that was just for him.  So he openned it and boy was he happy that he got trains.  See for some reason.....he's into Thomas the train thanks Tante Barbara, Tante, Jessie, Tante Lorrie. He plays with them all the time, he watches the dvd (when he's having a tough day or when it's night time and we are driving somewhere and can no longer look out the window to see stuff.  He loves's crazy! :-)  Thank you Tante Barbara for such a special package just for Little N.  He loved it!

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  1. You are welcome little "N". Please take good care of Kevin and George for me. Did you know that Kevin is the newest crane at Soder Steamworks. Kevin is a youthful crane that is very hard-working but sometimes makes mistakes. That is OK Kevin. George the Steamroller is a grumpy fellow--and no friend of railway engines. "Railways are no good. Pull'em up. Turn'em into roads" is his opinion. And he spends his time doing just that. Poor George he does not realize how important the railways are to Soder.

    Love, Tante Barbara


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