Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sumo Wrestling

This totally takes me back to the times when I (Caristy) was helping with Hi-C and we got to play with Sumo suits and I tried to take on Josh!! So much fun....ahhh the memories. John and some other people had planned for a weekend of fun.....a band, sumo suits, food and candy! We (Caristy and the boys) got to play in the sumo suits (okay boys didn't) and it was SO fun!! Little N got a fat lip running idea and he wanted his mommy to comfort him (so he's run to Caristy while she was in the fat suit and hit the sumo suit and fall on his butt!! It was kind of funny and sad!) Needless to say.....Caristy lost against EVERYONE she competed against!! John it seemed beat everyone he competed against! By the way....wearing the sumo suit and not being able to touch my toes, etc.....made me realize I never want to be that big ever in my life!

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