Friday, November 27, 2009

Good bye Connecticut

I (okay, mostly my mom - Thanks Mom!!) started to pack up our stuff up so that we could meet up with John. But before we flew out of CT I got to meet my cousin's baby J, a sweet and adorable baby. I can't wait to see everyone again. We got to the airport and I was hoping that my mom was able to help me get through security but no such luck. Thankfully Little N was in a good mood and VERY helpful. We got to our gate and then got on the airplane. Both Little N & M did a great job listening and flying out to Chicago. We got to Chicago where we got to meet up with John.....I wish I had my hands free so that I could take a picture of Little N running up to give John a big hug. He wouldn't let John out of his was adorable. Made it to our gate....John was EXHAUSTED.....made it to Fargo no problem and then went to bed EARLY!! It's good to be back together as a family!

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