Saturday, November 29, 2008

Well Honey, I think we are in Kansas now!

Alright so my title is stupid. If you can think of something better than I'll change it!! But that's all I can come up with. So after Thanksgiving and trying to see if we could go shopping on Black Friday we made our way down to Greenleaf, Kansas. One of our friends from SIL (summer institute of Linguistics) lives there and is serving a Missouri Synod congregation there. We had one more week of vacation that John had to use up and seeing that we aren't going out East until January we decided to use it up. So we drove to Kansas, we switched Little N's car seat (from his infant car seat to his convertible car seat) to test drive it to see how he will do in a long car drive. (We'll be going on an even longer car drive in January) He did pretty good. We made a couple stops but he had no problems getting back into his car seat. Got to Greenleaf really late!! But thankfully Chris said that Little N could sleep in a room all to himself (we've learned the hard way that Little N sleeps a lot longer and better when he's by himself!) So we hung out for a couple days....drove around. Chris (our friend) lives close to where a Pony Express station was. So we saw that. Then we just drove around looking at the scenery, as you can see Little N wasn't very impressed! Lots of pretty valleys as you drive but you can still see for miles. Way different than North Dakota.....where it's mostly flat and you can see for probably 10 miles or more!! :-)

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  1. just want to pinch that little cheek!! love you


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