Monday, November 24, 2008

Goofy Pictures and Waiting!!

Little N was being silly....he took off his pants and placed them on his head! :-) Then just giggled and laughed!! After awhile he started to watch the window waiting for his favorite person to come home! He was SO excited when his Daddy finally came home and his Daddy was so excited to see his favorite guy!


  1. These are such beautiful pictures! What a treasure for the years to come!

  2. Ingrid said, "How does he know how to do that?" (take his pants off and put them on his head) Reagan just giggled.

  3. Just something that he knows how to do!! He tries to take everything and put it on his head!!!

  4. (Like father, like son??) Speaking of, I bet N's face mirrors Daddy's in that last picture!

  5. Those pictures are so precious!

    Will loved putting his pants on his head for a hat. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  6. Thanks for the changes!! It is much easier to enjoy. I just love to look at all the pics. Just want to pick Nik up and give him a big squeeze!! I agree with Rachel that Nik's face probably mirrors John's!! We can't wait for you to come out. Love you. Mom


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