Sunday, November 23, 2008

No pictures but!!

So I (Caristy) got home from the weekend retreat and almost immediately after John left to go deer hunting! (I guess today was the last day to hunt deer.....he had a tag for it and wanted to use it up!) So he calls me when he's 5 minutes out to tell me that he was coming home! I said great.....see you when you get here. Then he tells me the dreaded news......he shot and killed a deer. (OH NO!!) But then he tells me that it's not in the truck, that he's pulling it with a trailer behind our truck. (Phew!!) He has three guys come over to help him clean it and stuff. I showed Little N daddy and the three guys carrying the deer into the garage (I had my eyes closed the whole time!) Then the guys proceeded to make fun of me and tell me to go out a look and that we've been hunters for a long time. I made the wise choice to stay inside the house, to not take a picture of the deer and to just ignore the mocking. (I think if I had seen the deer or anything of the sort I'd become a vegatarian. (I have no problem with eating meat I just can't think about the process of it!) So right now we have a skinned deer hanging in our garage (with a tarp below it so that way it won't be a big mess) John has told me where it is so that way I can walk out of the garage and keep my eyes away from the whole thing. I'm a little traumatized!! On the bright side (I don't see one yet!) John has told me that he wants me to make a trip down to Fargo for a couple of days while be makes jerky. (I hate the smell of jerky being makes me sick!) So anyone want to hang out with me? Not sure when but maybe after we get back from everything having to do with Thanksgiving! :-)


  1. Oh, hey, that'd be fun! You *know* we'd love to hang out! :) I don't think I'd be able to look at the deer either - eating it is one thing, watching the process is another!

  2. I will I will! Give me a call!


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