Saturday, August 11, 2007

Update for people!

For people dying of baby! My SIL will get a call and she will update our blog to let you all know when I am in labor and have had the baby! :-) So far nothing yet!

John doesn't want the baby to come until after Sunday so it VERY possible that baby boy will listen to his daddy! :-)

Also baby Olson listened to his Uncle Rich and wasn't born on his birthday either! So.....right now he's been a good little listener......


  1. Dear Caristy, thank you for keeping us informed - and thank you in advance for having a plan to let us know when you go into labor! I have been checking your blog fairly routine now so I don't miss anything! I can't wait to hear. All the best to you these last few days!

  2. You know, it'd be kinda funny if Andrea had her baby before you!! :)

  3. Ha ha!! I would LOVE for that to happen. Unfortunately I don't think it will. My dr said I'd probably go right up to the end.


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