Friday, August 17, 2007

2 Days old

Caristy and Nikolas are coming home tomorrow. It's a good thing, because I'm tired of updating the blog. New pictures have been updated to "Our Picture Album". Pam and Robin came to visit today. The baby cried, ate, and got passed around from Mom to Dad to Grandma to Aunt.


  1. Great photo of the new family! I'm headed over to the other photo page to see more!

    You will LOVE being out of the hospital! It is so nice to settle in at home and start your live together as a family!

    Caristy, you look wonderful!

  2. John, You've done a good job keeping us all updated, but I'm glad for your sake that Caristy and Nikolas get to come home tomorrow! I'll continue to pray for you as you start this new phase of life!

  3. John - you are too funny. Blogging is SOOO exhausting. :) Thanks for doing it though, so we could all see the pics.

    Caristy, I hope you can settle in to your new role smoothly. I'm sure that it will be so nice to get back home and have your own bed.

  4. Congratulations Caristy and John. What a handsome son you have. I can't wait to see him. May the Lord bless you in your lives together. I love you guys. Tante Lorrie

  5. The picture of a happy, loving family! May God bless your new journey in life and grow closer to Him in the process.
    Congratulations! I can't wait to meet him!

  6. congratulations! You have a mighty handsome son! and what a great family pic- you all look great! We pray that the adjustments back home will go well.

  7. What a sweet picture! He is absolutely adorable. Have fun being home and settling in to your new routine. Every day will be an adventure!

  8. What a great first family picture! Your all looking good! Hope all goes smoothly when you get home!


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