Sunday, August 19, 2007


Nikolas had kind of a rough night....not horrible but he was trying to get used to his new digs. On Sunday he got dressed (in the shirt that Grandma Olson gave him) and had a staring contest with John. Then he got to meet his Uncle Ole and Tanta Kim. Then had his picture taken by a bear (that his Grandma and Grandpa Dalene gave him). Then he decided to look angelic as he slept.


  1. He is so tiny and adorable! Just look at that big bear beside him! Wow!

    LOVE the last photo! A sleeping little sweetie.

    Thanks for posting all of these wonderful photos for those of us who are checking your blog regularly! If you've noticed an enormous jump in the number of your "vistor" thing, it's probably from me. :o) I probably stop by here three to five times a day.

  2. Those first days home are a big transition - it will only get better! He's such a sweetie! Thanks for posting them!

  3. They are the most angelic when they sleep! Enjoy your precious little bundle!

  4. Yup, all those pictures are great, but I especially love that last one, too! How sweet!!

  5. He is an absolute angel! He is so cute! Enjoy every minute. I know you will.


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