Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Visit to the Nilsen's

We were in the twin cities and decided we were so close to Ryan and Kjirsti so we had to go and see them. They have a very busy household right now. The girls are home and SO CUTE.....Ryan and Kjirsti are doing a great job as being parents of three. While we were there we tried to help out the best we spaghetti (okay so that wasn't really helping because Caristy really wanted Spaghetti), holding the twins or entertaining Owen (okay so maybe that wasn't helping either because they were so fun to hold and play with), and helping pick up sticks and cutting down branches (okay maybe that wasn't work either because it was fun taking pictures of John cutting with a chain saw)....basically we went down because we wanted to see Ryan and Kjirsti and go to be entertained by their kids and them. Thanks guys so much for a great time!!
Family of Five
(P.S Kjirsti is right about just taking one shot, this was the first shot I took)
The kids
Ryan cutting a dead branch
John making firewood
Caristy and Clara


  1. C - these were REALLY fun to see! I've checked their blog every day like a maniac - so anxious to see new photos of the kids. I hadn't heard that the girls were home already. That is great news! Thanks for the great photos!

  2. Yeah! Thanks for putting up pictures! Great to see their whole family at home, and how fun that you were able to visit them! I'm sure it was nice for them to have someone to cook, hold babies, play with Owan, or cut down trees!

  3. What a fun time for you guys. Does it make you more excited for your baby to come? I'm glad to see that the girls are home. I too have been checking frequently - thanks for keeping us in the know!!

  4. Fun time!!! Thanks for the update on the Nilsen's, too.

  5. Fun pictures! Thanks for posting for all of us to see. I'm sure that your visit to Nilsens was a real highlight for them also!

  6. Thanks for the pictures of the Nilsens! Like everyone else I've been wondering how all was going. Am sure they enjoyed showing their growing family to you! Glad you could visit them...and take photos!! Happy pregnancy to you. Time goes by quickly and you will soon hold your little one. Blessings,peace, and joy!


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