Saturday, May 5, 2007

Bryant & Claire's Wedding!

We came down to the cities for my cousin's wedding. This is 6th wedding of my all cousins on my mom's side. My family came out from CT and we had almost all the relatives together for a wedding. This is the 3rd time that all of us were able to get together for a wedding. It was a great wedding. It rained before the wedding and then the sun started to peek out afterwards. It was such a great wedding (John timed it 37 minutes) The wedding was in a BEAUTIFUL CHURCH with two walls full of windows and then a huge pipe organ. Then we went to the reception. It was great because we got to have great food and have a great time dancing. I was SO tired after dancing!!! But we had a great time!!

Bryant and Claire

John and Caristy (talking with Sara and John)

First Dance

Grandma and Bryant

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