Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Lunch with Kari & Julie

We decided to hang out in the cities for a little bit longer. The night before we got together with Darren. It was great seeing him. It will also be nice that he is moving closer so that we will be able to get together with him more often.

Today we went to Panera Bread (YUMMY) to meet up with Kari, Julie and baby David. It was great being able to talk and hang out with both of them. The food was great and the conversation was so much fun.

Kari, David, Julie

Mommy and Son

Proud Auntie and nephew!


  1. Thanks for taking the time for lunch! It was great to catch up again, see your pregnant belly!, and introduce you to David. I haven't gotten around to posting anything today so it was fun to see the pictures on your page!

  2. Hi Caristy,
    It's Beth Turner!! I have enjoyed seeing your blog and congrats on the baby! You will have so much fun. Will you be at our reunion? Ross is staying home with the kids so I will be by myself. Hope to see you there. Beth


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