Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Western District Pastor and Wives Retreat!

So on Monday we went skiing and then drove to Minot. The Western District (that's what we are apart of with our church) had a retreat. It was a marriage retreat and also for us a getting to know who is in the Western District. The retreat went from Monday night till Wednesday around noon hour.

Monday...we got there and I was slightly emotional because I thought that my camera was going to be gone forever! So we got there and listened to the session and tried to relax. After the session Emily and Joel asked if we were hungry and if we wanted to get some pizza with them. We said YES! :-) We spent the time talking and catching up. Also looking and sharing other peoples funny pictures in their blogs (Normal Family!) Joel then showed John the funniest video about Captain Picard on YouTUBE. We laughed and laughed and then got a phone call from downstairs staying that we were to loud and asking if we please quiet down. Opps! We settled down and then they left.

Tuesday...Got ready and had breakfast! Then went to the morning session! Enjoyed that a lot again...lots of things about marriage and how to improve it or make it better! Went to CVS to get TYLENOL Cold for both of us to take to maybe feel better! Went back to the session and had to take a discover if you are a lion, otter, beaver or golden retriever. I discovered that I have a high score in Golden Retriever and Otter. While John has a high score in Beaver and a little bit in the Lion area. :-) Which explains a lot about how we interact and how each of us thinks! We discovered that on Tuesday Grizzlies has buy one hamburger get the other one free. So that was kind of nice.....good food for a cheap price! After lunch we walked around the mall. I got a hair cut and got my below the shoulder hair cut to right above the shoulders and with some chin or lip length layers! It's pretty cute looking if I say so myself! We went back and relaxed at the pool! I liked two of the slides but the third slide was all enclosed and pitch black and you couldn't tell when you were going to arrive at the end! Not fun! :-) We had a banquet and session. After the session we went back to the pool area and just relaxed.....closed down the pool area and then went to bed. :-)

Wednesday...woke up and packed up all of our stuff. Went down to breakfast and ate. Then we went to our last session. It was really good! We sat in men and women groups and just talked. Kind of nice. Then we transitioned and had communion for the last thing that we did at the retreat. Went to the grocery store to pick up some stuff and then stopped and got lunch and started back for Cooperstown.

It was a nice trip and a relaxing time to get together with old friends and meet new people.


  1. I couldn't find a Captain Picador on Youtube.

  2. Just wanted to say CONGRATS to you two! Babies are such a blessing! I hope all goes well in your pregnancy!

  3. We had so much fun at the retreat with you! So glad that we could enjoy it together! I really needed to getaway from the normal life! You're in our prayers! God bless you today and always!

  4. So fun to read about your retreat weekend in Minot! Brought back lots of memories of when we did that back in the mid-90's when we lived in Mayville. I must say that it was always the highlight of our year!
    We also just got back from a district meeting in AZ. We were surprised to meet the Osbornes there! They are involved in the Yuma church since he is chaplain at the base close by.


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