Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fergus and Sr. High Winter Weekend!

We had a busy weekend! :-)

Friday ~ John left to run some errands in Fargo. I went and picked up 4 of the girls so that we could begin our drive to camp. We stopped at the Fargo mall and shopped at the mall. I got to see my sister-in-law Kim. (GRRR.....she looks all nice and tan and all relaxed from her 5 week trip to HAWAII) I was glad that they were able to go to Hawaii but I'm so glad that they are back. Then I got to see Ole and Kale. Then we went to Coldstone Ice Cream. It was so great because I got to have my ice cream and then we were on our way to Fergus. Got to camp and dropped everyone off. Got to hang out and eat with Tante Judy that night. We spent the night talking and catching up on life. It was a lot of fun. :-)

Saturday ~ I got up and ate breakfast and hung out with Tante Judy before she went to work at a baby shower. I got oil changed. Hung out with Kari (had lunch). Then I went to Camp to watch the volleyball tournament. We almost won the tournament....but the Iowans had to win. (It seems they always win.....can't they just let other people win for a change?!?) Went for McDonalds and Burger King! :-) Picked up John's slippers from our old house. (They were accidental shipped there and our downstairs neighbor picked them up for us!) Went to visit Grandma and then went to Kari's where I proceeded to watch TRADING SPACES! :-) Really good show!
Sunday ~ I got up and dressed waiting for John to come switch cars. I also dropped off all my stuff in his car. Then proceeded to go back into Kari's house and go back to sleep! :-) Then after a while I woke up and then Kari woke up. We started chit chatting about stuff. Then she got ready and I washed the dishes that I dirtied up from the day ready and went to camp to pick up the girls. Went to Fargo and stopped at Arby's for lunch (nothing really health....just stuffed potato bite ....which I thought would be really good but it wasn't it!) Dropped of the girls at Cooperstown and then crashed! Then while bible study was going I frantically packed and folded laundry getting ready for our busy week!

It was a great weekend!!!

However....I've discovered that my doggy is missing! It went missing between Friday and Saturday between Tante Judy's and Kari's house and I can't find him. :-( Has anyone seen him??? Let me know!

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  1. Fun updates on your weekend and week. Sounds like a good time in Minot, and I'm GO GLAD you got to stay with me a little bit! I'm still disappointed it was on my work weekend, but.....

    I've washed the sheets and have not found your doggy, but I haven't looked to see if he's hiding in the closet or slid under the bed. I'm in the Cities now, but when I get home I'll take a look.

    Have a great day!


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