Monday, February 19, 2007


So on Monday we left early in the morning and drove to Walhalla, ND (near the Canadian Border) to take 26 people skiing. I (Caristy) went along because John was going and then we were off to Minot that same day. :-) As we were driving to the ski resort....we made a stop and a bunch of the adults asked if I was going to go skiing. I said no because I don't have snow pants and John doesn't really want me to go without talking to the DR. So we get back into the car and continue driving. I call my doctor and leave a message telling her to call me back. We get closer to the ski area and we LOSE service. So the doctor can't call and tell me one way or the other. So I stay in the lodge and work on some stuff and talk to people as they come in from skiing. I start to get really jealous as I watch one of the men.....he skis just like daddy....nice sharp edges and fast. It made me really want to go down the slopes. Waited until it was time for John and I to go to Minot......when all of a sudden.....we hear that someone got hurt and it was from our group. Turns out that one of our little guys who came with us on the ski trip fell.....and hurt his collar. They weren't exactly sure what had happened so they thought it was really bruised or broken. So we called the dad to see what he wanted to do.....emergency room or drive back right away and have x-rays taken in Cooperstown. He decided he wanted him back in Cooperstown so three people took off to take him home. After that we left to go to Minot. As we left and got an hour and a half away from the ski resort the nurse called and said.....yeah you can go skiing and it should be no PROBLEM!!! Just be careful and be aware of your surroundings.....which I normally am.....sort of a cautious but good skier. (AHHHHHHHH......I was so disappointed after I heard that news!)

We got to Minot and discovered as we were unpacking the car that in the rush to leave.....I had left my CAMERA bag at the ski resort. So we frantically searched for numbers to see if people had my camera bag with them and that it hadn't gotten stolen. As we were calling we learned that the kid who went home had in fact broken his collar bone. Then we also learned that yes the camera bag had been taken by someone from our group!! (YEAH.....but so sad because I wanted to take pictures of our retreat!) I also learned that another one of the kids had HURT his collar bone. AHHHH.......I felt so bad! So I called his parents and found out that yes he probably had hurt himself but THANKFULLY it had just been something that hurt at the time but caused no LONG TERM injuries! PHEW!! What a fun ski trip!!

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