Tuesday, January 30, 2007


So on Tuesday I got to get up at 5 am (not a normal occurrence for me) and get on a bus with 12 kids and 2 other adults. We drove to the capital of ND, so we could listen to how people lobby and the process of how a bill becomes a law.

The Bill that we listened to was about taking 5 million dollars out of the reserve fund to help fund the After School Programs in ND. It was very interesting. The bill was slated to have an hour of lobbying and introducing the bill and then another bill was to be introduced. So many people were for the bill that it went for an hour and a half. It was amazing! Our 12 students that we took with us were AMAZING! SO cool! They just sat and listened (even though it was really hard to listen poor acoustics)

After that we spent 15 minutes at the Heritage Center. It was pretty cool and the best thing about it is that it's FREE!!

Then we went on a tour of the Capital Building. We got to see where the House of Representative meet, Sentate and also the Supreme COURT! The building is VERY unique!! No dome building for North Dakota it's a 19 story building. The tallest building in the city. The coolest room in the Capital building was the animal room. You could see horses, monkey and all sorts of animals in the wood that was placed in that room. It was pretty sweet!

Lunch we went to McDonalds and ate food! I was STARVING by that point so it was good! I also got to see CVS across the street! YES finally CVS is making out to the Midwest! Now if only we can get Dunkin Donuts and REALLY good BAGEL shops here that would be GREAT!!

We got back home around 3:30 in time for kids to make the bus and make sure that everyone went to the right place. By that time I was drained and John picked me up and I went start to bed for a nap! I needed it because I was barely functioning! (NOT really good sleep that night and then waking up at 5 am gets to me!)

Pics to follow!

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