Friday, January 19, 2007

I guess it time for a new post! :-)

So we've been extremely busy with life. I can't believe how busy it is been.

We left for CT: Dec 27.....and came back Jan. 5!! We got to celebrate Christmas. I got to go to a baby shower! :-) Ahhh Julie, I can't wait for you to have your baby so I can go and see him!

Plus we got to see a UCONN huskies game! Whoo hoo! Go was a good game, fortunately the men won but it's a rebuilding year for both the UCONN men and women.

We left CT and it was 58 degrees (at 6 am) and we came to Fargo and it was in the 20's. But still cold! I can't believe how cold it is! YUCK!!

John's been preaching his sermons, Caristy's been trying to figure out her work schedule and what she needs to do for Americorp!

We got to go to a PASTORAL Candidate Retreat which was WONDERFUL...we got to see 4 of our old classmates (and catch up) and meet two new couples that weekend. It was a great time of sharing, and kind of retreating back into the familiar.

That's all for now! :-)

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