Wednesday, January 31, 2007


So I'm excited! Just found out last week that I got accepted FINALLY into Graduate School. The professors are being really great and are trying to work with me to see if I can start doing an independent study class this Spring. So hopefully that works out!

Ummm.....when does winter stop in ND? Anyone know? It's really cold! This weekend it's supposed to dip down into -25 or lower degrees (that seems a little extreme to me!) YUCK!!


  1. Congrats, C! You will be a great Grad student.
    I noticed that you took a field trip in my neck of the woods - my grandma lives across the street from the Capitol. - s

  2. Hi Caristy! I just found your blog, linked to your photo album and was so excited to find some pictures of Ellie from the Rogness Reunion. I've been busy scrapbooking and collecting pictures, so they will be great to have. Thanks so much! Fun to read about you guys and see what you are up to. Congrats on Grad school! - Jane Rogness

  3. Well, when I lived in good ole Cooper, winter was ending around Easter....have fun...I don't envy you.

  4. Hey there! Congratulations! It was great to talk with you today, and I'm so happy to hear your GOOD news!


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