Saturday, November 19, 2016

Ole & Kim visit us in Taiwan - Walking around Hsinchu

So we had a wonderful opportunity for family to come and visit us.  They came later than we expected but we got lots of time and lots of time creating memories together.  On Saturday we took a walk around Hsinchu.  We went to at least three playgrounds to play around with.  We went to the traditional market and while we were there the kids were able to get little hats to protect them from the sun.  Later on we ate a meal at Big City.  After eating food we walked to the old East Gate in the center of Hsinchu.   What was cool for the kids was that while we were looking at the East Gate we watched all sorts of teenagers, college students, etc, who were free styling dance.  Different groups were dancing and preparing what they want to to dance all of them together.  All the kids were SO excited to be able to watch all the dancers.  After watching the dancers we went to get some ice cream then took the train to go back our house. 

 The East Gate in Hsinchu.  On the opposite side there were groups who were dancing. 

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