Monday, November 28, 2016

Ole & Kim visit - Taipei travels, the Taipei zoo, Taipei 101 and the Modern Toilet

On our last full day together before Ole and Kim left, we started our adventure by taking a train and high-speed train up to Taipei.  Once we got to Taipei we took the MRT.  I was constantly on the kids to stay close and to stay with us as we rushed around trying to get to the zoo and various places. 
 Kids enjoying the train ride! 
 Cousin Snuggles
 Cousin Snuggles
 Pretty Flowers all around! 
 G and the kids climbing rocks! 
Little H with the elephants

After the zoo and lunch, we took the MRT to Taipei 101.  
Silly Faces together! 
 Sunbeams over Taipei
 After Taipei 101, we made the decision to go to the Modern Toilet restaurant.  It's a very interesting restaurant where the seating is toilet seats, the food is served in various bed pans, urinals, toilets, etc. The kids thought it was great.  Kim and I weren't really a fan and kind of lost our appetites as we ate just because of the thoughts of eating out of bathroom stuff.  I think the funniest thing was taking our drinks back home in a toilet themed take out container.  For the most part, everyone had fun and lots of memories were created.  I know the kids will not forget going to the restaurant. 

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