Monday, September 2, 2013

The First Day of School

Today marks the start of a new year!  Little N starts his last year of Kindergarten and Little M starts his first year of "Kindergarten".  Little N was very excited to start school and went in very confident about what was going to happen this year at school.  Little M was very excited because he had one of the same teacher's as Little N last year so he was excited to start the school year.  We will see how everything continues if both boys like school as much as they do the first day!
 My big boy!  So independent and knows just what to do! Makes me a little teary!! When did he get so grown up?
 Saying good bye to mommy and daddy before going off to class! 
Even though Little M didn't speak the language he communicated via his eyes whether he was happy or sad!  
Posing in his classroom!  So different from the first two times we went to school! 
Little H was a little unsure of what to do with her brothers gone for half the day so she clung to us all day as she waited to see her brothers.  She was so excited when we got to school and picked up her brothers she just held onto her brothers hands and wouldn't let them go. (Which is not normal for her.)

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