Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thailand Mission Trip Presentation

Today was the day for the Thailand Mission was a busy day for us.  John had two services a 9:30 service, Sunday School and an 1:30 service and then afterwards we stayed to listen and see the things that people that went to Thailand had to say about their trip.  It was very good and I really wish I had been able to go however I would have run out of camera space with all the different places the team went.  Thankful for the ministry opportunity that the teams that go there are able to provide for the long term missionaries that are there in Thailand.  I need to go through John's pictures and ask him to tell his story and share it here on the blog.
Little M was the only one in the family willing to model the different types of hats men and women wore over in Thailand. 
 This is one of the pastor's wives and she went on the mission trip.  She joined us on the Co-Workers retreat to Matsu island and has really bonded with my boys.
 I just love this picture...she is just so beautiful and I was so thankful for what she had to share.  (Even if I didn't understand all she talked about!)

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