Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Monthly Photo Challenge - Shallow Depth of Field

Shooting wide open is always SO much fun, the ability to isolate your subject is something that is fun because you can take pictures and while they might be in the middle of the city you can make it seem like you are out in the middle of nowhere   I have a tendency to shoot wide open because I like to take pictures of my kids and I just want them in focus.  Sometimes I need to remind myself that I need to get more in focus to remember where we have been and the things we have seen.
Yesterday we went on a hiking trip - our Monday Adventures are back on! (I love having Little N being out of school for the summer!) Right before we went on our hiking trip we saw a beautiful field with butterflies and I wanted to capture the butterflies but it was really hard because they kept flying away!  Then we also saw some other bugs.  It was pretty neat to see and perfect for our photo challenge today! 
 Blurry but I absolutely love this picture of the butterfly! 
 Interesting Red Bug
 We saw this beautiful caterpillar, Little N wanted to take pictures of it and I just struggled trying to get the caterpillar in focus. 

Please continue through this blog circle to see how others have looked at shooting with a shallow depth of field from some of the most amazing women, I have been so privileged to  know on this year journey.  Starting withGina, I know that you will enjoy her post.

Blog circle list    Angie Gina Yeo |  Megan Rose | Rebecca | Sarah |Ana | Erica  


  1. Beautiful, Caristy! I just love the colors. I've always wanted to get a good butterfly shot, but I'm not quick enough. :) Great job this month!

    1. It was SO hard! But thankfully it was just a field filled with butterflies so I could try again.

  2. Very nice! The butterfly pictures are beautiful.

  3. These are beautiful, Caristy! I think my favorite is the second one. Those purple flowers are really cool, too!


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