Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 5 - Last day of TMF

The thing I appreciate about TMF is the semi sense of normalcy that my kids get.  There is or has been childcare while we go to the meeting and the kids are taken care of and have fun.  My kids call it school time.  This year was the first year that Little N actually joined the older kids and did the VBS program.  He was nervous for the first day but then he had a blast the rest of the week.  The best thing about the program was that he was quoting scripture and singing the songs to me.  We have also had great conversations about what Jesus did for us.  Things that I have taught him but now others have shared their heart for Jesus with my kids.  I am so thankful for the people who came over to the states just to help run the VBS program and spend time with my kids.  To not have to worry and know that my kids are being taken care of by people who know and love the Lord has been such a relief.  Our time at TMF has been SUCH a blessing and I am so thankful that we have been able to attend these last three years. 
 Little N's classmates for VBS....this is also the first year where he interacted more with kids his age and wanted to play. It was so cute!!
 This was also the first year where we were more often then not in the big pool.  Little N on the last day decided that he was willing to jump off the diving board.  The first time he jumped into John's arms but after that he probably jumped into the water at least 20 times that day and had a blast.   He talks about going back to TMF so that he can jump off the diving board.  I (Caristy) tried to conquer my fear of heights (a daily thing) by jumping off the high dive.  I did it twice and I think that was enough.  I loved however jumping off the lower diving board and trying to dive.  I hope next year to show Little N all the crazy jumps and dives he can do off the diving board. It should be fun.
Little H towards the end of our time in the water would rather be in someone's arms and be held so that she could swim in the water rather than in her floatie.  She is my little fish much more adventurous in the water than my boys ever were in the water at her age. 
 Little H loved her ice cream and was not a fan of me interrupting her to take pictures.  But she was SO cute!  Adorable!
 Little N singing their VBS songs for all the adults.  I got tears in my eyes!  

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