Thursday, May 2, 2013

Seeing the new baby & Candy Land

We went over to our friends house to see the new baby.  This little baby was born the day after my little niece.  It fun seeing the little baby because I kind of feel like I can figure out how big or how small my niece is by how big or small this little baby is.  I had fun taking pictures of the baby and of the kids.  Little M & I had a blast playing with each other and Little H got a little upset with her brother that he wouldn't share toys with her. 
When we got back home from picking up N, Little H was beyond exhausted so we put her to bed and played a game of candyland.  The boys had a blast playing and I just like watching them play together. 
 Daddy came in for the second game and the kids were very happy to have him play the game too. 

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