Saturday, October 20, 2012

Last day at the beach

It seems so strange to write that title because of two things - one in the places we leaved in America we would have been done with swimming at the beach back in the beginning of September and the second reason is that it's still so warm in Taiwan so it's possible we could go back and swim.  But we had fun with friends going to the beach.  We of course dug a hole in the beach and then tried to create a mote to try and save our water fun.  We had so much fun jumping in the water, running in the sand and eating the sand (wait you aren't supposed to eat the sand.).  Winter in Taiwan will be coming soon.  Sure doesn't feel like it right now but it will be.
 We had a little boy join our kids playing in the sand and water. We have not seen many kids playing in the water besides the western kids at least where we have gone swimming.

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