Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wednesday Sing & Dance time

Every Wednesday at Little N's school is uniform day.  Sometimes they go on field trip or on some sort of trip so they all have to wear there uniform.  Also on Wednesday is music and dancing time. The kids line by their classes and the teachers all dance and sing songs for the kids to follow along to.  Little N isn't a fan of the music and dancing time, mostly because he didn't know the songs or the moves to the dances. 

 I was so proud of him because he was willing to try to sing along with the rest of the kids and do the movements!  He has grown so much in these last 5 months.  He's willing to try different types of foods, he tries to sing and dance to his Chinese songs and he is teaching me Chinese.
 Can you find the two "foreigners" in the crowd of kids! 

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