Monday, June 4, 2012

Little N & M's first trip to the dentist

I warned Little N that we were going to the dentist after we picked him up from school.  He was gonna have his teeth checked, they would count them and they would clean them....of course he was scared about going to the dentist when I first told him but then when I picked him up from school he was really excited to go to the dentist.  Little N was the first one and I was allowed to stand there and watch while they went to work.  They counted his teeth checked for cavities, did x-rays (he did great) and then he got fluoride!  After that it was Little M's turn and instead of sitting on the big chair he sat on my lap while they counted his teeth and then put fluoride on. (So sadly no pictures!) So far neither one of them have cavities and they didn't cry or were scared of the dentist.  I was proud of both of them!

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