Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The way I view - New Beginnings

I decided to join a photo challenge this year. I figured doing a 366 photo or even a 52 photo challenge would just be to hard.  So when someone over at Clickin Mom's suggested doing a 12 photo challenge for the year I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to try and challenge myself to take pictures that were out of the box and would push me in my photography.

Every month I will be posting a post about how I view a certain theme.  The month of January is all about new beginnings.  Well I have a lot to say about new beginning this year so I hope you enjoy my pictures (they are repeats but still good).  Please look at how Jenni  on how she views new beginnings.

On January 10 -- we welcomed our third child to our family.
January 12 - We began the new journey with three kids.
We are adjusting to being a family of 5.
January 12 - We had our daughter baptised.
January 25 - We moved into our new apartment.

We have a daughter that I can dress up in dresses and put hair bows on her.  Taking pictures to my hearts content.

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