Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The world of a toddler!

Sorry this post might be a little bit TOO MUCH INFORMATION for some of our readers!!

Little N is potty training. It's been going on for a while now (I have incriminating photos but they are just for me!) we started back in the summer. I wanted to do just full out naked time and thought hey perfect it's summer Little N will train and it will be over. Well Little N during the summer time didn't like the idea of naked time and had to have clothes on or a diaper on at all times. :-) We were given a little potty chair so Little N would sit on his little potty chair whenever I would use the bathroom (with his clothes on) and that was that. Then Little M came around and I was THANKFUL that I hadn't trained because Little N wanted to have the same attention as Little M. Then we went out to CT for November and Little N watched his friend Little L go the the bathroom and he decided that it was a good time to try to train. So we started going to the potty every 30 minutes and sometimes even more frequent. He slowly understood how to hold his pee......we are still in diapers but we are down from like 6 diaper in a day to about 3 diapers. We haven't figured out the poop training.....he doesn't take a long time to poop, when he has to go it's a quick deal. However he is now starting to tell me when he has to pee and he knows when he has to poop just hasn't done it consistently in the toilet. John is a little grossed out about the whole aspect of potty training. But Little N is doing pretty good. We have trainer underwear that I might pull out after the holidays and just try cold turkey.......I just don't like the idea of dealing with poop. (Sigh!!!) That's life with a toddler!

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