Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh what a fun day!!

We've had an interesting week. We've decided to retire one car.....we kept on having to repair it and it's just not worth it! Hoping to sell that car. Then yesterday John went golfing and when he came back home with the other car it was a little lopsided......the air suspension had gone. (No fault of's just regular wear and tear.) So today we drove down to Fargo.....John took the car to the car dealership to have it looked at and we (my mom, the boys and I) went to the mall. We enjoyed looking at the fish, the rabbits and dogs. We also enjoyed looking at clothes and lotion. Got a rental car and ran some errands (but forgot some of the most important things....don't you hate that!). Got home and ate food, played and then went to bed. Before going to bed we went to check on little M......he fell asleep and had his hands up over his head just like Little N used to do. It was so sweet so OF COURSE.....I had to take a picture of it!! :-)

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