Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We are OFF!!

Little N and Caristy started their journey!! Caristy was a little worried about traveling and stopping at 3 different airports before getting out to CT. The reason for being worried was because Little N is now a little toddler and is VERY independent and needs to do things his way. THANKFULLY he was awesome!! We sat in the front row of coach and by a window for ALL our flights. The first flight....he was just shocked and amazed by the take off, the clouds, and the arrival. The second flight.....he slept through everything (PHEW) and the third flight he again was SO intrigued with the take off and arrival (the clouds and everything else didn't hold his interest as much as the animals from Baby Einsteins)!! But as soon as we got to CT, Little N was SO excited to see his grandma and grandpa. Not too much of a fan of the puppies though!! He would stare at them but didn't want to be in the same room or close to them.

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