Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little N's Big boy bed!!

Little N while we were out in CT started sleeping and taking naps in a big boy bed (his Uncle Rich's bed). He did great out there so we decided that we really didn't want to put him in the crib right away so John set up the big boy bed and got the railing up. I put two pillows at the foot of the bed and my big deana (comforter) just to give him that boxed in feeling. :-) The first couple nights he did great no problems. He does however go into the nursery and stare at the crib longingly. When he does that it just tears at my heart a little bit! :-( SIGH!!! But here's his far no comforter (Grandma D is planning on making him a once winter hits he'll have a blanket of his own.....because the new baby will have taken his comforter.)

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